I wanted to take a minute to give our sincerest “Thank You” to Nathan Amendola and his Assistant Doreen.

Our son was charged with two felony accounts that were false accusations. The law unfortunately is no longer “you are innocent until proven guilty”.  These days it is up to you to prove your own innocence. Our family had never had to deal with any legal issues before this and honestly we didn’t even understand  the seriousness of the situation until we had a conference with Nathan. 

I emailed Nates office through his Webpage and seriously within a few hours I received a call back.  All through this legal process Nate helped us focus on what the goals were, and helped us see what was most important for our son, both now and long term.  He literally “took the ball” from us and assured us He would from that point on handle all legal questions, concerns, research etc.  He was the Bull in the fight on our behalf and in each step of the way, Nate was prepared, thorough, professional, and had the intimidation of a lawyer you want…on your side! 

Along the way there were questions and concerns and with each email, both Nathan and Doreen worked together to answer all our questions and concerns and kept us notified of anything new.   

On the day of court in Brockton, Nate was ready, and the accuser had to plead the fifth, both Felony charges against my son were dropped.  I can’t tell you how grateful and relieved we were to have Nathan on our side that day.  It is a scary thing to be involved with the law, especially if you’ve never had to deal with the court system before.  Trust me, our only friend with us that day in court was our Defense Attorney Nathan Amendola.  Don’t put your trust in the hands of a less experienced attorney. Put your trust in Nathan Amendola, He knows how to fight the fight on your behalf.  You owe it to yourself and your loved ones.  

Thank you again!