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At Nate Amendola Defense, we offer something completely different: a holistic approach to criminal defense that helps clients achieve the best possible outcome in their case, avoid damaging collateral consequences, and resolve underlying issues that may have played a role in their alleged offense. Browse testimonials from our criminal defense clients to learn about their experiences with our practice.

I can not thank Nate Amendola enough for his help! Nate is a very knowledgeable attorney who will also take the extra time to get to know you and the situation you’re in.
Like many others have said in prior reviews Nate Amendola is exactly who you want if you are in need of a defense lawyer.
A friend of mine said Call Nate Amandola, he will help you to solve this in a second
Roughly around last fall I was searching for a defense attorney and I found Nate.
Criminal Defense 02/08/2022
Thank you Again - Nate Helped Our Son
Criminal Defense 02/08/2022
Nate is a go-getter, is mindful, & cares about making sure his clients have someone competent in their corner. I admire Nate's tenacity, grit, and intrinsic drive to not only better himself, but the system.
Operating Under the Influence (OUI) 02/04/2021
Nate Amendola is an excellent attorney. He knows the law and, more importantly, he knows how to use the law to help real people protect their legal rights.
Operating Under the Influence (OUI) 02/04/2021
All I can say is wow! The level of service provided by Nate Amendola and his firm is second to none.
Criminal Defense 02/04/2021
The success of our case allowed me to move forward with my life and with renewed clarity. If you need help, talk to Nate.
General 02/04/2021
Not only did Nate help with my immediate concerns professionally and completely, but he helped educate me on the salient issues to look out for so that I could better understand the topic myself for the next time I encountered similar questions.

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