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Barnstable County Criminal Defense Attorney

Arrested or facing criminal charges in Massachusetts and worried about what this could mean for your reputation, family, career, and future? Those are valid concerns. Criminal convictions can result in lost driving privileges, steep fines, and jail or prison time, as well as a broad range of collateral consequences.

As bad as criminal penalties can be, collateral consequences don't stop just because you've paid your debt to society. With arrests and convictions on your record, you could struggle to find gainful employment or suitable housing and see personal, career, and education opportunities evaporate.

Don't let a serious brush with the criminal justice system derail your plans, prevent you from reaching your full potential, or jeopardize everything you've worked for. Nate Amendola Defense is here to help.

We're Not Your Typical South Shore, Massachusetts, Criminal Defense Firm person arrested making phone call

There's a lot riding on the outcome of your Massachusetts criminal case. You need an exceptionally skilled, laser-focused defense team that's both up to the challenge and absolutely committed to seeing you succeed. That's exactly what you'll find at Nate Amendola Defense.

We're not your average law firm. Our clientele doesn't exclusively include hardened criminals. We defend normal people who've made mistakes or found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. (Sound familiar?) Also, you'll never hear us brag about being aggressive, "shark-like" litigators or see us play hardball with the opposing side when it isn't necessary. That's just not us. We're knowledgeable, thoughtful, impeccably prepared, and skillful legal professionals who believe it's easier to catch flies with honey than vinegar. That may sound cliché, but it's an approach that's delivered positive results for our clients again and again. As for our litigation style, it's best described as professional and fierce.

Think we'd make a great attorney-client team? Located in historic Hingham, Massachusetts, we serve Nantucket, Cape Cod, Barnstable, Plymouth and surrounding communities, defending clients in criminal cases involving:

Prosecutors can charge the above crimes as misdemeanors or felonies of varying degrees, depending on the incident's specific circumstances. Though misdemeanors are the less serious of the two types of charges, a conviction for either can carry potentially devastating criminal penalties and collateral consequences.

What We Do For Clients

When you hire us to represent you, we develop a personalized defense strategy and work to get your charges or penalties reduced or your entire case thrown out. We prepare every case like it's going to trial—because that's how good lawyers win. Our process includes collecting and assessing evidence, investigating your arrest, and looking for weaknesses in the prosecution's argument or potential violations of your constitutional rights. Don't underestimate the value of obtaining strong legal representation as soon as possible. We're ready to start building your defense.

Our Holistic Approach to Client Support Sets You On a Path to Success

When a case ends, most defense attorneys are content to collect their fee and call it a day, leaving their clients unprepared for collateral consequences or, even worse, struggling with the underlying issues that landed them in legal hot water in the first place.

When you feel like your life's going down in flames, we don't just want to help you put out the fire—we want to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

At Nate Amendola Defense, we're here to exceed your expectations of what a defense attorney can do for you. We don't just want to help you escape legal peril—we want to help you get your life back on track. Whether you need help understanding or managing the collateral consequences of an arrest or conviction—or would like us to connect you with resources or mindfulness strategies for drug or alcohol addiction, mental illness, anger issues, or other problems—we're here for you. Need recommendations for books on philosophy, self-improvement, and other topics? We do that, too.

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Facing criminal charges? If you've been arrested on a OUI/DUI charge, domestic violence, disorderly conduct, or drug possession, you should speak to an experienced defense attorney attorney as soon as possible. You can contact us online or call our office directly at 781-661-5450 to schedule your free consultation with one of our top notch defense lawyers. We have been proudly servicing clients throughout Hingham, Massachusetts and surrounding areas such as Plymouth, Barnstable, Nantucket, and more.

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