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Crimes Against Public Order in Massachusetts

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Do not plead guilty to an offense against public order in Massachusetts! Understanding these offenses is essential for individuals who want to navigate the legal landscape effectively and protect their rights. At Nate Amendola Defense, we are dedicated to shedding light on these often complex matters and providing expert legal guidance to those facing charges related to crimes against public order. Navigating the legal terrain of crimes against public order can be challenging, but with the right legal team by your side, you can safeguard your rights and work towards a favorable resolution.


Crimes Against Public Order

Crimes against public order are criminal offenses involving actions or conduct that disrupt or undermine society’s general peace, safety, and order. These offenses are often considered to be offenses against the collective well-being and stability of a community or society as a whole. In Massachusetts, like in many other jurisdictions, crimes against public order cover a wide range of activities and behaviors. It’s important to note that the penalties can range from fines and probation to imprisonment depending on the severity of the offense and the circumstances surrounding it.

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Common Public Order

Criminal Offenses

  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Disturbing the Peace
  • Failure to Obey a Police Officer
  • Resisting Arrest
  • Throwing Objects at a Sporting Game

Defenses Used Against Public Order Charges

Lack of Intent

Some of these offenses – such as disturbing the peace – require the actions to be done intentionally. A common defense is to show that the behavior was not intentional but was, in fact, done by accident.

Freedom of Speech/Expression

There is a fine line between the freedom of speech provided by the First Amendment and some public order offenses. Depending on the circumstances there may be a defense to the alleged offense as exercising your Constitutional right to freedom of speech or expression.

Private vs. Public

Public order offenses – specifically disorderly conduct – require disorderly behavior to be done in a public place. A private home or event is unlikely to be considered “public” and would be a defense to offenses that require the actions to be taken in public.

Public Order

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Possible to Have Charges Related to Public Order Reduced or Dismissed in Massachusetts?

Public order offenses include both misdemeanors and felonies in Massachusetts. Some of these have what is called “lesser included offenses” which is a less serious offense that occurs during the alleged perpetration of the ‘greater crime’. If the Commonwealth cannot prove the ‘greater crime’ they may reduce it to the lesser included offense.

Massachusetts also has a multitude of way to dismiss cases before a finding has been made – this can be done through motions to dismiss drafted by our team of expert lawyers or pretrial probation agreements in which you are placed on probation prior to trial and successful completion of which will result in the case being dismissed.

Why Hire Nate Amendola Defense?

Our experienced criminal defense attorneys and legal team is well-versed in Massachusetts’ legal statutes and the nuances of public order offenses. We are committed to defending our clients vigorously, leveraging our knowledge and expertise to craft a strategic defense tailored to the unique circumstances of each case. We treat every client with respect and empathy, recognizing that legal issues can be draining. Our team is dedicated to minimizing the stress and uncertainty you may experience. We are known for our skilled negotiation skills and explore all possible avenues for a favorable resolution.

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