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Focused, Determined, and Compassionate Criminal Defense for Good People Facing Bad Charges in Massachusetts

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Our Practice Areas

Drug Crimes

Expert legal navigation for a range of drug-related charges, from simple posession to complex, manufacturing and trafficking cases.

Motor Vehicle Infractions

Handling traffic violations, from speeding to negligent operation, focusing on minimizing or dismiss penalties while addressing the specifics of each case.

Property Crimes

Specializing in the defense of property crime accusations, from vandalism to burglary, with a focus on protecting reputations and proving innocence.


Defending individuals accused of various forms of theft, focusing on the intent behind the alleged act and the circumstances surrounding it. We aim to protect our clients' rights and reputation, seeking outcomes that minimize the impact of the charges on their lives.

Clerk Magistrate Hearings

Represents individuals in preliminary proceedings to avoid formal charges, focusing on evidence sufficiency and mitigating factors.

Firearm Charges

Legal defense for illegal possession and use involving detailed knowledge of state and federal regulation, licensing requirements and the right to bear arms.

Obstruction of Justice

Defending individuals who are accused of interfering with the operations of law enforcement or the legal process, focusing on the intent and actions of those accused.

Public Order

Addressing offenses that disrupt the peace and order of the community, such as disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and loitering. Defense strategies often involve challenging the interpretation of actions and the circumstances leading to the arrest.

Violent Crimes

Specialized legal representation addressing allegations of violent crimes, with a comprehensive defense strategy, thoroughly examining evidence and motives.

Domestic Violence

Providing compassionate legal aid for those accused in family or household disputes, focusing on the delicate issues surrounding the accusation.

Juveile Offenses

Protecting young individuals' futures facing criminal charges emphasizing on rehabilitation and protection in the juvenile court system.


Offering legal defense for people charged with operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, aiming to challenge procedural errors to secure a favorable outcome. It may also referred to as driving under the influence (DUI).

Sex Crimes

Providing sensitive and knowledgeable defense in accusations of sexual offenses, focusing on dignity, privacy, and the pursuit of justice through meticulous legal work.

White Collar Crimes

Specializing in the defense of white-collar crimes, from financial fraud to embezzlement, offering precise, knowledgeable legal strategies to navigate complex cases.

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