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Criminal Defense Paralegal and Licensed Private Investigator

Holistic Approach

Why Hire

Nate Amendola


Sharp, witty, and compassionate. That’s how our clients describe Doreen McCormack. She is a seasoned Paralegal and Licensed Private Investigator. Doreen’s worked in criminal defense for nearly 20 years and has seen it all.

There is nobody like Doreen. She’s the glue that holds the Nate Amendola Defense tribe together. Clients rely on her for care and support as they swim in uncharted waters. From the first phone call to case resolution, Doreen is there the entire way. And Nate counts on her to handle the blocking and tackling that is part of the defense process. She’s a true legal tactician and the magic doesn’t happen without her.

As a Licensed Private Investigator, Doreen’s made regular court appearances for testimony in various courts throughout the Commonwealth.

Doreen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice as well as a Paralegal Certification from Eastern Nazarene College.