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Yarmouth, MA Criminal Defense Law Firm

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If you’re facing criminal charges in Yarmouth, Massachusetts, it’s essential to have an experienced and competent legal team by your side. At Nate Amendola Defense, we specialize in criminal defense services tailored to the needs and circumstances of each client. Our specialized team of criminal defense attorneys brings skill, local knowledge, and a track record of success to help you navigate the legal process effectively.

The Charm and Complexity of Yarmouth

Yarmouth, a jewel of Cape Cod, boasts breathtaking beaches like Gray’s Beach, as well as cultural landmarks such as Edward Gorey House. The town beautifully marries traditional New England charm with modern living. Yarmouth hosts a variety of visitors each summer season with a mix of year-round locals. Yet, in such an idyllic setting, legal challenges can arise. Whether it’s a traffic violation or a more serious charge, we’re here to provide personalized legal services.

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Areas of Practice

Assault and Battery

Clerk Magistrate Hearing

Crimes Against Property

Domestic Violence

Drug Offenses

Firearm Offenses

Juvenile Offenses

Motor Vehicle Infractions

Obstruction of Justice Charges

Operating Under the Influence

Public Order

Sex Charges

Theft Charges

Violent Crimes

White Collar Crimes

Your Guide to the Legal System in Yarmouth

Cases out of Yarmouth are handled by the Barnstable District Court. Some more serious matters are heard in Barnstable Superior Court. Understanding the local judiciary, and the court’s particularities can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Nate Amendola Defense offers the localized expertise you need and our longstanding relationships within the legal community can offer a strategic advantage.

Barnstable District Court

Barnstable District Court
3195 Main Street
Barnstable MA 02630

Barnstable Superior Court

Barnstable Superior Court
3195 Main Street
Barnstable MA 02630

Take Control: Your First Step in the Right Direction

Time is of the essence when you’re facing criminal charges. The sooner you act, the more options you’ll have for a robust defense. For immediate assistance and to take the first step toward securing your future, call us at 781-650-6676 or fill out our online contact form. Don’t gamble with your freedom; let Nate Amendola Defense be your trusted legal advocates.

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