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Arrested and Charged With a Crime in Plymouth?

Arrested in Plymouth? Call Massachusetts Defense Lawyer Nate Amendola for Immediate Help

At Nate Amendola Defense, our Plymouth criminal defense attorneys are experienced, transparent, and effective advocates for clients. Our legal practice is devoted to helping good people navigate bad legal situations. We will protect your rights, your freedom, and your future. Accused of a criminal offense? You need a top advocate on your side. To set up a fully confidential appointment with a top Plymouth County criminal defense lawyer, please contact our legal team today. 

A Full-Service Criminal Defense Firm Representing Clients in Plymouth, MA

Clerk Magistrate Hearings 

In Massachusetts, a Clerk Magistrate Hearing may occur before a formal criminal charge is filed. During a hearing, the magistrate must determine if prosecutors have sufficient cause to move forward with a charge. A proactive approach to a Clerk Magistrate Hearing is a must. It can stop criminal charges from ever being filed. Our Plymouth defense lawyer can help. 

Assault and Battery

Charged with assault and battery in Plymouth County? Our Plymouth, MA criminal defense lawyer has a deep grasp of the intricacies of these cases. We are committed to providing comprehensive legal representation that is focused on getting justice for clients. 

Drunk Driving (OUI)

Intoxicated driving is one of the most common criminal charges filed in Massachusetts. Under Commonwealth law, the offense is called Operating Under the Influence (OUI). You may also hear the offense called a DUI or DWI. These charges need to be taken seriously. An OUI conviction could lead to the loss of your license and jail time. Call our Plymouth OUI defense lawyer today.

Domestic Violence Charges

Are you facing an allegation of criminal domestic violence? A proactive and holistic approach to your case is a must. A domestic violence charge is a serious matter in Massachusetts—and a conviction can carry significant collateral consequences. Our Plymouth, MA domestic violence defense lawyers can protect your rights. 

Drug Offense Charges

If you or your loved one was arrested for a drug-related offense in Plymouth, the legal team at Nate Amendola Defense can help. We have extensive experience handling drug cases. Our firm goes above and beyond to protect the rights and interests of our clients.

Firearms Offenses

Illegal possession, carrying, or usage of firearms can result in severe penalties in Massachusetts. Our Plymouth criminal defense attorney is proficient in firearms laws. We will work relentlessly to safeguard your rights, whether it is by questioning the legitimacy of a search warrant, raising an aggressive defense, or pursuing alternative resolutions to reduce the charges against you.

Sex Crimes Charges

Allegations of a sex crime can wreak havoc on your personal and professional life. These are serious matters that must be handled with the highest level of care and sensitivity. Our Quincy criminal defense lawyer recognizes the delicate nature of these cases and will work proactively to protect your rights. 

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Charged With a Crime in Plymouth, Massachusetts?

Plymouth Criminal Defense Attorney Nate Amendola is Your First and Last Call

Our founder and lead criminal defense attorney, Nate Amendola, is a reliable champion for individuals navigating difficult legal circumstances. We deliver proactive legal representation. Here is why our firm stands out among other criminal defense law firms serving Plymouth:

  • An Investment into Your Case: Nate Amendola acknowledges the uniqueness of each client and case. He invests time, energy, and resources into hearing your story, comprehending your concerns, and crafting a customized defense strategy to address your distinct needs.
  • Transparent Communication: Effective communication is essential. You should not be left in the dark about your own case. We are committed to preserving open and transparent channels of communication throughout the legal process. 
  • Results Take Priority: Our firm is dedicated to securing the most favorable outcome for each client. We adopt an outcome-oriented approach. We are ready to protect your rights, freedom, and future. 
  • Assistance with Collateral Consequences: Criminal charges can result in far-reaching repercussions beyond the direct legal proceedings. We understand the significance of tackling these collateral matters and provide support. 

Plymouth Defense Lawyer Nate Amendola

Call Our Plymouth, MA Criminal Defense Lawyer for Immediate Help 

At Nate Amendola Defense, our Plymouth criminal defense attorneys are aggressive, effective advocates for clients. It is our mission to help good people navigate difficult legal situations. Were you or a loved one arrested and charged with a crime? You need skilled legal representation. Contact our criminal defense team today for your completely private, no obligation consultation. We defend misdemeanor and felony charges in Plymouth and throughout all of Plymouth County. 

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