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Facing an Assault and Battery Charge in Norwell?

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At Nate Amendola Defense, our Norwell assault and battery defense lawyer has the professional expertise that you can trust. Facing criminal allegations for assault and battery? No matter the specific circumstances, you need an experienced advocate on your side. We fight for justice. To request a completely confidential consultation with a skilled Massachusetts assault and battery defense attorney, please contact our Norwell law office today. 

Massachusetts Laws

Understanding Assault & Battery

Are you or a family member facing allegations of assault and battery (A&B) in Norwell? It is essential that you have a general understanding of what these terms actually mean in a criminal context in Massachusetts. Assault and battery, although often linked, have separate and distinct legal definitions. It is possible to face accusations of simple assault as a stand-alone offense in Massachusetts. However, there is no standalone “battery” charge. Here are the definitions: 

  • Assault in Massachusetts: The term ‘assault’ is used to mean the intent to apply non-consensual physical force against another person. No actual application of force is required for conduct to be assault. An actionable threat could be sufficient. 
  • Battery in Massachusetts: On the other hand, Massachusetts Commonwealth law defines the term ‘battery’ as unauthorized, harmful, or offensive physical contact with another person. Actual physical force is required for a battery charge to be justified.

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You Have the Right to Defend Yourself Against an Assault and Battery Charge

Assault and battery is a major criminal charge in Norwell, MA. It requires a serious and proactive defense. Of course, every person facing any type of criminal charge in Massachusetts—whether a misdemeanor or a felony—is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. You have the right to raise a zealous defense. Notably, a number of different defenses can be raised against assault and battery charges. Here are four of the most common defenses against assault/battery charges: 

  • Self Defense: In some instances, the accused may claim they were protecting themselves from imminent harm. For this defense to be successful, it must be demonstrated that the accused believed they were in immediate danger, the response was reasonable under the circumstances, and they used no more force than necessary to thwart the threat.
  • Defending Others: Along similar lines, an individual can argue they were acting to protect another person from immediate harm. The accused must show that they genuinely perceived an immediate threat to the third party, their response was appropriate given the circumstances, and they used only necessary force to neutralize the danger.
  • Mistake in Identity: Another defense centers around mistaken identity, asserting that the accused was not the actual perpetrator of the crime. This defense often relies on alibi evidence, witness testimony, or inconsistencies in the identification process, asserting that the prosecution has targeted the wrong person
  • Insufficient Evidence: Prosecutors in Plymouth County always bear the burden of proof when bringing criminal charges. The defense can contend that the prosecution’s evidence is insufficient to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Among other things, this defense could involve challenging the credibility of witnesses, questioning the reliability of physical evidence, or demonstrating inconsistencies in the prosecution’s narrative.

Assault & Battery Charges

We Handle All Types of A&B Charges in Norwell, MA

With a conveniently located law office in Norwell, our criminal defense team handles the full spectrum of assault and battery charges. Our depth of legal expertise and knowledge of Massachusetts criminal law allows us to robustly defend our clients.

  • Simple Assault: We handle cases involving allegations of attempted physical harm or threat of violence, ensuring that your side of the story is clearly presented in court.
  • Assault by Dangerous Weapon: Charges involving the use of a weapon escalate the severity of the case. We meticulously analyze the evidence, challenge the prosecution’s narrative, and strategize an effective defense.
  • Assault and Battery: When charged with intentional and unwanted physical contact, we work diligently to dismantle the accusation by questioning the credibility of witnesses or highlighting inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case.
  • Assault and Battery by Dangerous Weapon: For this serious charge, we scrutinize the evidence and the circumstances surrounding the case to build a strong defense.
  • Assault and Battery Against Someone Within the Family or Household: Navigating such charges requires sensitivity and understanding. We aim to minimize the emotional and legal impact while offering a robust defense.
  • Indecent Assault and Battery: Facing such allegations can be devastating. We defend your rights while preserving your reputation, focusing on the evidence and the law.
  • Assault and Battery on a Police Officer: When charged with this serious offense, we work to counter the heavy weight of the accusation and ensure that you receive a fair trial.
  • Assault and Battery on an Elderly Person (60+): For charges involving seniors, we marshal a compassionate yet vigorous defense, contesting the prosecution’s narrative and challenging the evidence.

Why Defendants Trust Norwell Criminal Defense Lawyer Nate Amendola 

Facing a criminal charge is stressful and confusing. An assault and battery charge is certainly no exception. Founded by top Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer Nate Amendola, we have the professional expertise that you can count on in these cases. When you contact our Norwell office, you will have a chance to speak to a Massachusetts assault and battery defense attorney who can: 

  • Listen to your story and answer questions about your rights and the next steps; 
  • Investigate the criminal allegations charges, building a case to defend you ; 
  • Represent you before police and prosecutors in Plymouth County; and
  • Craft a comprehensive, personalized strategy to protect your rights and future.  

Assault & Battery FAQs

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At Nate Amendola Defense, our Norwell assault and battery defense lawyer is devoted to providing the absolute highest level of personalized representation. We are proactive. Were you arrested for assault and battery? We can help. Give us a call now or connect with us online to arrange your fully confidential, no obligation consultation. From our legal office in Norwell, our criminal defense team takes on assault and battery charges in Plymouth County throughout the wider region. 

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